Health Promotion is an effective way to increase productivity, improve staff  health, lower medical costs and reduce rates of absenteeism. 

Chronic diseases place a burden on businesses. The majority of money spent on medical care is attributed to costs associated with chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and asthma.  These are conditions which could be prevented through lifestyle changes in diet, physical fitness and periodic testing.

A Health Promotion Program can serve employers and workers. With Worksite Wellness Programs, companies can boost morale, enhance productivity, lower absenteeism and lower health insurance costs. In addition, these programs allow employees to be wiser health care consumers by encouraging them make choices that improve their health.

Harris and Company is nationally recognized as a leader in health and wellness promotion.  We are committed to providing quality services at an economical price that any company, large or small, can afford.  Contact us today to design or implement a program for your company.

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